Every Thing Is Fun For Grandkids

Every Thing Is Fun For Grandkids – So Being A Young Grandfather Is Fun

Being a young grandfather allows you the luxury of having stamina and energy to enjoy your grandkids.

As for me, being a grandfather in my early 40’s and really taking care of myself physically, there are days where I actually wear out my grandson before he can wear me out.

The great thing about having grandkids so young and being a grandfather young is that you get to remember just how fun ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is for little kids.

A trip to the city park and playground? Little kids cannot wait!

A trip to a small yogurt shop? Kids are running around with excitement and can’t wait! Watching them pile on little skittles and gummy bears onto their mountain of yogurt is great to watch.

Hell, even a trip to the grocery store can be fun with a little toddler.

Yea, I know.

Most parents hate it and avoid those situations at all times. They don’t want to deal with their screaming and unruly kiddo running around and being embarrassed in front of others.

Me, as a young grandfather?

I could care less what others think!

With age and being a father at such a young age, it really took a lot away from me as for cherishing and appreciating every little moment when my kids were little.


I do not take for granted anything my little guys will do. Even if it’s bad behavior.

I will only get to experience that one time with him. Before long, he will be an unruly teenager that will want nothing to do with me.

In The Eyes Of Grandkids, The World Is A Magical Place

The world is such a crappy place for many of us that it sometimes it just feels like the world is going to end.

There is constant bad news in the world? There’s always a negative political drama going on in the headlines every day. There’s always the worry about bill’s, your job, the drama at your job, making your mortgage payments, and keeping the lights on.

The world for an adult can at times seem like a dark and dreary place.

But for little kids, every single little thing they do is magical.

And when you experience the world as a young grandfather, and you learn to experience and appreciate kids being little more, you can see the world through their eyes.

For example, I recently went to a birthday party and my little 3-year-old grandson had the time of his tiny little life!

I watched as he ran around with a bunch of little kids laughing and smiling the whole time.

I watched as he played the cute little games they set up.

They even had a photo booth set up from photo booth rental in Santa Maria that he and I went into to snap pics, where silly hats and props, and just act goofy and it was as fun as it could be.

Then came pinata, the cake, the ice cream, and all the rest.

The entire thing was a blast for my little guy.

By the end of the day, he was nice and tuckered out. I placed him in his car seat, (One thing I do remember being a pain in the ass!) and handed him his toys and snacks.

Not even 5 minutes into the short drive home, he was out like a light. I look at him with astonishment. I look at him with a great deal of appreciation. I look at him and feel so proud.

He has fun where ever I take him. His fun brings a light to my dark world at times.

This is one of the so many reasons I love being a young grandfather.

Disciplining Kids All over Again…

As you already know, I’m a REALLY young grandfather.

What you probably don’t know is that being a young Grandfather means I had kids at a really young means my kids still have a lot of growing up to do.

This means that my wife and I still are teaching our kids lessons and now have to take on the task of disciplining another kid, our grandson, all over again.

The great thing about that is while we have already gone through the process of teaching our kids right from wrong, teaching them good manners, teaching them a good work ethic, all of those lessons are still fresh in our minds.

Our son, the one that has the baby, now has to work a lot more than he thought he would at his age. Kinda reminds me of me at his age. He has to work long hours and also provide health insurance for his new little guy.

This makes it difficult for him to spend that much time with his son. So, it is my wife and me that have to pick up the slack in watching him while he works. The cool thing is that we don’t mind at all!

Disciplining our grandson at our young age is easy.

Since all of the things we went through with our kids is fresh on our minds, we know exactly what to do.

There is a tendency to want to spoil the little guy but we know better. We make sure he eats all his food before we give he snacks or junk food. We know when to set him down for a name. We know how to talk to him so he understands when he is behaving badly. We also know how to play with him in his little imaginary land he lives in with his cool little toys.

Being as young as my wife and I are with a grandchild, we are up to date with all of the latest strategies in raising a little boy right. We are up to date with technology and read up on young parents advice which totally still applies to us.

Some of the things we’ve discovered with our kids and now we pass along to our new little member of our family is to always play with your kids at an early age. Interact with them and their toys. Jump into their imagination and their little fantasy games they play. Do this, and they will love every second of it.

This also allows them to really connect with you in a way that can not be matched. You both know the made up names they give their plush toys. You both know which ones are their favorite. You both know everything. This will cause your kids to always want you in a happy and fun mood and whenever they misbehave they will notice your change in tone and will do whatever they have to bring you back to that happy and fun parent. Even if that means picking up the toys and eating their vegetables.

At our young age, disciplining a child is a piece of cake.

The unbelievable feeling of becoming a grandfather at 38 years old.

It truly is a wonderful feeling having a grandson at such an early age. Thus far in my life, I have to say that, that having a little 2-year-old boy running around the house, when I am only 40 years of age, is the best feeling in the world.

I will remain anonymous here, other than to say that I’m the owner of a photo booth San Luis Obispo as to protect the identity of my little one but I will let you know how the circumstances of me becoming a grandparent at the age of 38 came to be.

As you probably could calculate in your head pretty quickly, I had kids of my own at a really early age. Both my wife and I have been together since high school. We got together at the age of 17, both of us. I guess that you can say that we were meant to be. We shortly turned 18 right after graduation.

Well, as you can imagine, a couple of young lovebirds at that age sure got “busy” numerous times. It was just a matter of time that we ended up having a “slip up” and BAM!

She’s pregnant!

And this is about 2 months outta high school!

Lucky for me, I had gotten a job as delivery roofing supplies at a company in town that paid a decent wage and gave me a lot of overtime. We found a place to rent and moved out of our parents’ house almost 3 months outta of graduating high school. (We really wanted out of our parent’s houses at the time!)

We got settled in. Got our own place and slept on the floor (we had no furniture or a bed!) for the first few months and we were feeling like we were on top of the world!

I progressed to work knowing I soon would have another mouth to feed. That motivated me to work extra hard and my bosses saw this and asked me to train as when of their commercial drivers and up my pay. I agreed! In my head I thought, “More money, easier life!”

Then, a few month later, in March. Our boy was born! What a great feeling it was! The magic of it all, the first little cry, the first little grip of his hand on our fingers, the first poop even! It was great!

Fast forward another 3 years and yet another little boy was born to us!

I remember as a father how proud I was but at the same time understanding the responsibilities. So. I worked and worked and worked. Sometimes many, many, hours. There was a lot of things I missed as the grew up. Awards at school. Parent conferences. Their first steps. The games they played with their toys. A whole lot.

The good news was that my wife was always there though, so I always felt great about that.

Then, our oldest boy hooks up with a girl at his work and hit it off. One thing led to another and BAM!

She’s pregnant!

He was 20 years old and so was she. They were repeating our steps!

I’ll cut it short, but the pregnancy went quickly to me. Our little grandson was born before we knew it and again there was magic in the air! He was the most precious thing my eyes had ever seen! Seeing the birth of your child is one thing but to see one of your babies have a baby of their own is just incredible!

Now with both our boys grown and taking care of themselves, both my wife and I work a lot less than we used to.  So, our oldest leaves our new little guy with us and I can see this wonderful kid grow before my very eyes. I had kids of my own but as I’ve watched this 2-year-old grow right in front of me, I realize just how much I missed from working so much.

At my young age, I feel like I have such an incredible appreciation for just how quickly kids grow and change. I cherish every second I spend with him. I adore everything thing he does. At my age, I have incredible energy to keep up and run with him. I play toys with him, read to him, fix him up food, watch my wife bath him and change him, and love taking him out to just about anywhere.

He truly is a remarkable little kid and smart as can be. I know I say that with bias, but I do not care. He is by far, the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Being a Young Grandfather

How old are your grandparents? The chances are that they are in their late 50s or early 60s if you’re lucky. It’s, however, important to note that it’s possible to become a grandparent in your early 30s. Did you just read the 30s? Yes. Being a grandparent at a young age can happen when you marry someone with children from an earlier marriage. Despite the fact that this will make you a step-grandfather or step-grandmother, you’re still a grandparent. Most people consider the difference to be academic.

On the other hand, you can become a young grandfather when your 21-year-old daughter becomes expectant. The same can happen when your 22-year-old son and his wife become expectant. All these are scenarios that lead to one becoming a young grandparent. It’s a good thing to know that you have a grandson or a granddaughter. Right? The problem is that you won’t feel like a grandfather. So, what can you do? The truth of the matter is that being a young grandparent can be a real shock on your ego. The American Association of Retired Persons indicates that the average age of first time grandparents in the United States is about forty-seven. Of course, no one feels old at this age.

Understand that your life will change in a way as soon as that grandchild shows up, no matter how you feel or how you’ve prepared yourself. Here are a few things that can help you make the transition less jarring.

Welcome Change

In most cases, young grandparents usually have a difficult time agreeing to the fact that they are grandparents. They just can see themselves as grandparents. Well, what everyone knows about being a grandfather the gray-haired and curmudgeonly individual that the media portrays. The first thing you need to do is to agree that you’re getting older, despite not being “old.” Welcome the change and continue living your life. However, it’s important that you don’t miss out the opportunity of spending time with your grandchildren.

No Turf Wars

The last thing you probably remember about your grandfather is that he was gray-haired and a respected and revered member of the family. Well, this might not be the case with you. In fact, your parents could still be around. The fact that your wise grandfather played a role in how you were brought up doesn’t mean either you or your parents should have a bigger voice on how your grandchild ought to be raised. Let your son and his wife choose who can advise them on how to raise their child. There’s no need for turf wars.

Saying “No” Most times

You’ll realize that your son or daughter is counting on you for help while raising their child. As mentioned, you have to welcome the change which, in this case, will demand that you make significant changes in your daily schedule. Since you’re a young grandparent, it means you could still be working and possibly raising some of your younger children. That means it won’t be easy. However, you shouldn’t forget that you need time to spend with your grandchild. That’s why you have to make changes in your schedule and avoid saying no to your son or daughter when he or she needs your help.

What are the Advantages of Being a Young Grandfather?

We both know that there are obstacles one is likely to face when he’s a young grandfather. From career pressures to time stress, there’s a lot you have to endure as a young grandparent. However, being young means, you can easily get down and spend some time playing with your grandchildren and get up more easily. Furthermore, you’re less likely to need a nap during your grandchild visits. You can also get in tune with your grandchild’s interests as you stay motivated to keep playing, learning, and moving. Remember, to ensure a healthy grandfather-grandchild relationship; you have to be together with your grandchild.